noot noot

'I felt the horsecock with my butt.' 'Why the fuck is that girl stroking that guy with a weird mouth’s thighs that look like pancakes?'

noot noot
Stromae – Te Quiero


Stromae - Te Quiero

Je l’aime à mort…


140925 Hoseo University Festival
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ken busts a dougie and gets caught by leo ~ (c)

dongwoo and sungyeol looking all hot and normal while…

VIXX – VIXX TV2 Logo Song


[INFO] VIXX TV2 Logo Song MP3 Download Information

This is the information regarding the logo song download of the newly started VIXX TV2 on September 25, 2014. :)

At the same time that VIXX TV2 Episode 1 is being released, VIXX members prepared a ‘logo song’ for Starlights who have waited for VIXX TV2!

Respecting VIXX members’ opinion of allowing Starlights to listen to the song freely in a lot of places, it has been decided that the mp3 of the VIXX TV2 ‘logo song’ will be released for Starlights!

The logo song will be found in the attachments*. It is free to download, use, and spread freely, but using it commercially is not allowed.

The moment that Starlights want!
'VIXX TV2' with VIXX members and Starlights.

Together with the logo song belonging to only Starlights and VIXX, please support VIXX TV2 in the future as well.

Thank you :D

Trans. crfyeah-vixx

*Since VIXX have agreed to let us share this wherever, here is a download link. ^^


'Whenever we shoot all the videos, I ask our producer to add Boarding House no. 24 at the end’

- ken bribing the vixx tv producer with aegyo

just six pointless gifs of jaeho lookin’ good

"First of all, I was very happy to meet you all during these 7 days. I think it was good that we got to show a more mature image to you all. You also liked it, right? Let’s meet again at the next concert. We’ll come back with a more cooler image. Bye!

- Sungyeol